Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Task 1:What makes me smile

Well here is my first blog participating in Jess's list of fun things to do when you're bored. and this task was to take pictures of things that make me smile. I will admit the first day i kinda forgot it was goin on and i decided that i'd get up the next day and walk around to search for things that made me smile (squirrels, rabbits and all kinds of fluffy creatures) but instead i woke up to this...Photobucket yup i had to skip that day and jjust took pictures of things around the house. on the third day i woke up to...rain...again...but luckily it ended and i planned to go take a picture of the tennis court... but in the process of practicing my serve i got invited to rally with a stranger that was like 16 and better than me XD. in the excitement of the game i forgot to take a picture of the court sooooo i decided to settle for a picture of my racquet instead.Photobucket. well the next thing that makes me smile is a video game called Disgaea,Photobucket it makes me smile not only because of its gameplay and near infinite playability but because of it's adult humor. *clears throat*
Lil Kid:this zombie is my master piece i used *various parts of the body mentioned from various famous legends* the iron body of hercules and...a horse's weiner
Main Character:A horse's weiner?!?! everyone, don't let your gaurd down!
and the best part you can steal the horses weiner in the battle...nuff said. so i prolly lost this task due to lack of creativity and exceitment =(.. but i shall return!

Friday, February 1, 2008

I-Forgot About Intamacy and Love

Oh well, here i am yet again with another borig tale of me being pwned in everyday life. oh well, i guess i'll always remember the story... but i'll give a brief over view, we wander around with nothing to do, play pool at UTD (We=J, M,and K) then we go to iHop, yay for pancakes and making me feel left out. don't really care, it's all bull shit, failure builds more, haha 100% fail and no one agrees except people who actually know me...100% fail. who's right and who's wrong no one knows, all i know is that i feel pretty bad, not gonna go away, i love the ability to not have to think about it, would be nice just to go to school and come home and do work everyday, but that's not realistic...i could tell them that i don't wanna go anymore, but that would just cause me to lose friends... but then again if it's that bad wouldn't that be for the best? sounds great to me,i'm fine doing homework bymyself right?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Uninstal life.exe?

Before I start on what's been going on lately, i would like to address the fact that i read over some of my old messages and I was just wondering..."WTF was i thinking?" lol, i actually liked a person so much I pleaded for them in a online blog? really? oh well what's done is done, i kinda forgot it happened and i moved on but wow i wish i had the energy to change point though, gotta keep real records of how i felt and such, you know for the memories and all that junk.

Welp, let's see it's been a while since my last entry...the start of last semester long... anywayz from what i can remember it was an ok semester, my english class was harder than average i think, but i got a B. what made it so hard was the fact that after a while we had 4-5 page writting assignments due EVERY class period and it was tiring. got an A in psychology nothing to say about that class except people can be annoying sometimes. and then there was speech class with Mr.Santos, was a fun class and the people were all nice, my favorite class of the semester in it's material and it's atmosphere. anywayz though enouh of a recap, it's the first post of 2008 and i don't really feal any difference other than the fact that Bush is about to not be president no more, it's gonna be interesting to see the elections, i wonder who i'll vote for (Democrats FTW).well it's 08 and i still feel terrible and down, what did ya expect? inever think to come here when i'm feeling good lol. i took alot of classes this time around (5 for a total of 16 hours) and it's tiring since i don't get alot of time for myself since i'm on campus so much. I think the lack of sleep is contributing to me feeling so bad. i just feel so stuck...nothing i can do when i'm always so exauhsted for no reason...i wish i could sleep through the night...fucking internet...everything just seems so fucked up now. it feels like i hate the world and it hates me back. but i don't know which hate started first... i'm always the one left out and i feel bad that i rely my friends on so much since i'm usually always broke. My only option would be to sit alone, which wouldn't be so bad, but i know what i'd be missing which would hurt worse. I thought about the idea that i'd only be trully happy if i could live completely alone, since i hate dealing with other people so much wouldn't that be better for everyone? i can always dream that i'd be able to do that, but that won't ever happen and i don't think i'll ever learn to associate with others, there's just something about it that i hate...whatever though, can't really think of anything that ouwld make me happy, having my ego satisfied makes me happy, nothing more nothing less, all i care about is myself because myself is really all i have. I complain like there's something wrong but in truth i have mostly everything anyone could ever want and it's not enough, not the best and not the worst. even thought i often feel like the worst since i can't perform on par with the best fucked up ain't it? i'm strong enough to survive on my own but i complain because there is no one that can help in a way that i'd accept. no one can help, I am all alone and it's something i face everyday, "I always look forward as i move ahead in lfe because there's no one by my side." that's the jist of it...there's no point in me taking my eyes off my objective even if it's far off into the distance, other people my dislike me for it and maybe for good reason? don't know and i'm hoping the day comes soon where i can say i don't care and truly mean it. I don't feel like changing the way i am, i'm not all that bad to be around really i don't think, but even if i continue to fail, stummble and fall on my way to my goal...yeah, i'd quit trying more before i continued to fail...but hopefully i'll make it... never saying a word, and getting by haiting the world that rejects me while i sit in loneliness. atleast i'll be a lonely man with lotsa money hopefully... i want my dreams to come true and i hope they do, well atleast i made them a goal and not just wish. someday soon. well for now i guess i'll my life.exe's tast running, no point in terminating it myself lol, i wanna live a reasonably long time...but the loneliness might make me feel immortal.

Monday, August 20, 2007

A Loser Offline is a Loser Online

Another weekend full of running around with my friends, i never realized how much i missed hanging out with them over the time was online doing stuff like War of emperium and leveling. it's nice to go out on the weekends instead of staying in the house. we went to 2 malls of over the weekend the first one is the one we always go to called Firewheel mall. We went to eat cause we were hungry so we went to a sandwich place. My freind strikes up a random conversation with the person taking our order which happens to be a cute girl about our age. It's so goofy and all i can doo is put my head down,put my hand on my head and shake my head at him, but of course she's smiling and talking back to him. i wish i could do stuff like that, but i'm too awkward.No point in making excuses, when ever i'm with my friends and their females all i can say is "i hate my life" but i say it more like i'm singing so they think i'm kidding, i get a cheap laugh and remind everyone i used to get funnier cause i would have a box cutter on my keychain and i would make the motion of my cutting myself,funny...but my dad took it as i noticed in the sandwich place as my friends and i ate,do i used my key to add to the visual effect...once again...funny. It really sux sometimes being in my group and not being able to participate in the conversation because the closest i've come to girl physically in about...4 years is walking past them in the mall...sad. it'd be nice sometimes to just be able to have decent conversation skills or something, even if i did have them i'd still move in my awkward way and still be all alone except for being surrounded by people that are leaving me farther and farther behind everyday. That's how i'mma loser offline,an awkward guy who can't do anything but turn and walk away or end up embarrassing myself for even trying, italways happens,prolly always will happen. you might think"You don't know everything, you have to try before you know you're going to fail" Wrong, fairy tail sayings don't work in real life,i know i'll fail simply because it's the way i am, i don't know what's wrong with me or how to fix it, but even if there is something wrong i wouldn't change it simply because people dislike me, then i'd be like the kind of person i dilike,changing with the time because others do it and it's convienient, i guess i'll go to bed alone,wake up alone, sit back down here again and let go of my lonliness for a while tommorow.How does this translate into me being a loser Online too? i fail at most things i try to do here too, it feels like everything i do for fun here i suck at/get owned/completely and totally don't grasp at all. it's all failure, it's situation reminds me of a song...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Still Not Keeping My Word

Took my Accuplacer test today got some nice scores on the regular stuff but failed the college level algebra horribly like i thought i would. so i can either take a developmental math class at the cost of my money and time or a second option of taking the test again, i personally prefer the second choice. taking the class would cost 117$ and retaking the test is 10$. but still that test raped me hardcore i just started to guess in the middle cause i knew i was gonna fail. got my classes after about a 6 hour day of testing and waiting.3 hours of tetsing and about 2 and half hours of waiting to sit with an advisor for 15 minutes. i saw some familiar faces though, 1 girl especially i was glad to see although at first i was scared of her. i was walking back to the registration hall after i had finished my test and i was looking down and thinking like i often do when i see a pair of legs in short shorts walking towards me,me being as scared of females as i am,i begin to get out of the way and continue looking at the ground until i glance up and see the legs directly in front of me and so i try desperately in a last ditch effort to move to other side of the walkway trying to avoid contact when we meet she finally talks to me with a "hey greg!" in a voice that's all too familiar. she used to live in my apartment complex *sighs* she's a beautiful girl there's no doubt, but i'm too much of a weird guy to have a chance with her, i guess she wouldn't even consider me...i'm an awkward clumsy guy,it's annoying.... anyways after i got my classes i was going home to think about how to get money for them and i looked at the paper to see when the money was due;and to my surprise and dismay it was due THAT VERY DAY. so i went back in and handed over 240$ for my classes and i will have to drop biology because it costs 156$ alone and i need to buy books.i heard that the psycology book was 100$ i pray to god that's not true. that's the highlighr of my day since i'm starting school maybe i'll update more frequently whenever something fun or exciting happens. c ya round my captive audience of 1-4 people.

Monday, August 13, 2007

I Never Keep My Word

I said i wouldn't write here again after what happened but i keep thinking about how you asked me why i never write anymore. ya prolly dun remember saying it to me,and why would ya? XD. but anyways i just felt like writing about junk that's going on about to take my acuplacer test tommrow morning.(it's 2 am now i should sleep soon but not like i can pass anyway. atleast the math that is...) so i'm just gonna try and hope for the best. going for a bioology major, i wanna be a researcher that studys cancer, i don't know much about it but i figure i'm young so if i start early maybe i can make a big difference in my life time ya know. nothing much to tell besides that. well besides my random outbursts of "I hate my life~" when i'm around my friends, i'm so far behind them they're in school and have jobs ang females like them... and then there's me who has nothing to show since i've been practically dead for 2 years. i hate it...20 still acting like i'm 15 XD. sad eh? anyways. my mind is jumbbled right now still haven't solved the problem i asked you about earlier. i'm a terrible person i guess. fuck,it's all pointless,nothing i'm doing right now has a point...playing video games sleeping all day it's all junk. but then again i am just a dreamer huh?

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


i'm too busy because of school to come online...i'm sorry for being a fucking bother to won't have to worry about me talking to you anymore i'm fucking done. sorry for acting like i stalker i guess fucking bullshit.